Powertrol continuously monitors flare stack burnoff
and assures you of smokeless flare operation.


Powertrol's flare stack monitoring system contains a unique infrared optical unit. It detects flux density changes in the hydrocarbon flames of flare stack burnoff.

Powertrol systems generate a continuous process variable signal for control purposes. The signal is proportional to the amount of unburned carbon in the flare. Flare gas composition, density, or flow rate does not hinder the accuracy of the system's signal.

Get smokeless flare operation using Powertrol.

The Powertrol monitor provides the process variable signal for steam control, allowing only the steam necessary for complete and smokeless combustion. No more, no less. Steam is used efficiently and economically. Noise from excess steam is eliminated.

Powertrol's fast response time assures a smokeless flare, assisting in meeting or exceeding both state and local emission and noise specifications.

Powertrol systems are quickly installed and easily maintained.

Internal components are not exposed to flare gas or flame. Installation is simple and fast. The Powertrol system operates from an accessible location with minimum maintenance. Low installation and maintenance costs help you realize a quick return on your investment. In many cases, savings on steam cost alone will pay for your system within weeks.

The Powertrol system now available is built following the highest standards of quality. Choose the Powertrol system for your needs and get smokeless flare operation.






Powertrol's Sensing Head

Powertrol's sensing head is premounted in a stainless steel enclosure. It contains an optical unit filtered to a particular wavelength in the infrared spectrum. An air purge system protects the optics from dust and dirt. Powertrol's infrared system monitors changes in the flux density of the hydrocarbon flame.

Powertrol's Indicator/Transmitter

Powertrol's indicator/transmitter provides a continuous output signal for control purposes. Sensitivity adjustments to flux density are field adjustable to compensate for varying flare applications. Flare gas composition, density, or flow rate does not hinder the accuracy or the response time of the signal.

Steam Control

Steam Control units utilize Powertrol's signal to modulate steam flow to the flare. The flare's tendency to smoke is squelched. Only the proper amount of steam is used. Steam is therefore regulated efficiently and economically.


Powertrol's self-contained monitoring unit is remote-mounted on a 2-inch, schedule 40 pipe, located up to 3,000 feet from the flare tip. The indicator transmitter is also located in the weather proof, stainless steel enclosure. The optional controller, or user-supplied control system is mounted inside a control center. Convenient mounting of the monitor on or near a control center is recommended.


Under normal use, the Powertrol flare stack monitor will not require routine maintenance for the life of the instrument. Only occasional cleaning of the optical components may be necessary when installed in dusty or contaminating environments. The electronics portion is broken down into four plug-in circuit boards for easy maintenance.

Dimensions and specifications

Powertrol SLX-302 Flare Monitor

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